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No such command "kerko" error when running Flask

Make sure to run the flask command from the application's directory (where the file is found).

To run it from other directories, you could use the --app option, or to set the FLASK_APP environment variable. See application discovery for details.

For example:

flask --app=/path/to/kerkoapp/wsgi:app kerko sync

Configuration parameter change has no effect

Restart the application. This is required for any configuration change to take effect.

If the change still appears to have no effect after a restart, use the following command to verify that the desired parameter value is actually being used:

flask --debug kerko config

If the parameter's value is not the expected one, check your configuration files. If you are uncertain about which configuration files are being loaded by the application, check the first few lines printed by the above command; these list the TOML files in their loading order. Remember that a later file can override values set in a previous one. If you are still unable to trace the source of an incorrect parameter value, check your environment variables. Environment variables can override parameter values set in TOML configuration files.

If, on the other hand, the parameter's value is the desired one, then review the documentation for that parameter. Make sure you understand the effect of the parameter value, and check for any notes or warnings. Some parameters require a rebuild of the cache or the search index to become effective.

Custom application: Conflicting package versions with standard installation

The requirements/run.txt file specifies a precise version for each required package, ensuring consistent results with the last environment KerkoApp was tested with. If some of these packages are already present in your Python environment, their versions are likely to be different and some Python code outside KerkoApp might require those versions. In that case, try replacing run.txt with in the install command:

pip install -r requirements/

Requirements in are more flexible regarding the versions. If you still have version conflicts with those requirements, you'll have to find out which version to use, checking that it is compatible with both KerkoApp and your other Python code.